About us

Issy Media is in charge of the communication and the development of new technologies in the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux. It is a Local Public Company, also known as  » SEM (Société d’économie mixte) », whose capital is however held in majority by the city.

Located in the south west of Paris, the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux is recognized for developing an ICT leading approach from the early 90’s. Following this strategy, the city passed from a post-industrial to a digital-oriented city showing high indicators of wealth.

Thanks to an accurate economic development approach, Issy hosts various innovative international groups as Microsoft, Cisco as well as many start-ups skilled on ICT, Internet-Of-Things and Robotics such as EMBIX, Aldebaran and Withings.

Issy is a rare example of a city counting more jobs than citizens, 60% of the jobs being ICT-related. The city shows an internet penetration rate of 95% with a developed infrastructure on ADSL and optical fiber covering 100% of buildings and a great number of innovative services, from e-enrollment to electoral polls to smart phones applications for parking fees.

As a consequence, Issy is one of the French Smartest Cities which leading role in digital innovation is internationally recognized: it was endorsed in the “Top 7 Intelligent communities of the year” in 2007, 2009 and 2011 and its mayor was awarded « Visionary 2009 » by the Intelligent Community Forum. In 2014, Issy was selected as one of the 15 smartest cities in Europe in a study published by the European commission and a Chinese ministry.

Issy is also intensively involved in cooperation and experience sharing with other cities by participating to various innovative E.U. projects such as RADICAL, Open Transport Net and European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility but also for its important twining and partnership network.

Issy Media is in charge of the ICT implementation and innovation and the ICT developement strategy of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Having participated, or being currently involved in a large number of projects supported by the EC and National Authorities (APOLLON, EPIC, CYBERVOTE, e-POCH, e-AGORA, URB-AL, RADICAL, Citadel… on the Move, ECIM, OTN), Issy has a vast experience in deploying, piloting, testing and validating ICT services in realistic conditions. With a good knowledge of the local economic tissue and a proven expertise in consolidating good practices towards sustainable economic growth, Issy Media will work in close collaboration with the local government to help make government data openly available. This will encourage innovation and help foster the creation of citizen and SME generated applications and services by both the private sector actors and the end-users.
The close link between Public Institutions, SMEs and citizens creates a particularly rich environment where to test ICT technologies.